Student Incentives

Student Incentives

One fun area of teaching is the creative work we do in creating incentives to inspire our students to work hard.  This page is dedicated to student incentives to aid them and give them tangible goals they can reach and feel that satisfaction of "a job well done".

..... for PRACTICE - The 6 HOUR Incentive

This incentive is primarily for beginners, especially young pre-school, kindergarten and first graders.  The first habit to establish is DAILY PRACTICE.  The length of time is not as important and spending some time at the piano every day.

..... for Repertoire Building

The Repertoire Incentive

Give your students the confidence and the means to become young performing pianists!!  The Repertoire Incentive helps students grow a repertoire of pieces they can play "at the drop of a hat"!!  For the cost of a piece of sheet music this specially priced Licensed Edition (you are permitted to make unlimited copies of this folio's pages) will give you the means to keep your students building repertoire lists for years to come.  Everything you need (Covers - Rules - Forms - Certificates) is included in our REPERTOIRE INCENTIVE FOLIO.  Get yours TODAY!!