The Importance of Teaching THEMES

Piano Teacher Press - The Discovery Piano System - Book 1A

I am in the process of greatly expanding my Discovery Piano System Series.  I have just finished the work on the first book of the series - Book 1A. 

This section will take several compositions from the Repertoire Section and give it a closer look.  Sometimes that closer look with give students the ability to look at the notation in a new way to make it easier to learn.  In the excerpt I'm giving you today I'm trying to help students see the importance of the word "theme" and how it relates to music.  Theme is a BIG IDEA!

There is going to be several new major sections to each book.  The first section we are going to explore is a section I'm calling A CLOSER LOOK. Here is a sample page of A CLOSER LOOK on the topic of THEMES.



THEMES are such an important idea to thinking about music that I want to make students aware of it from the very beginning of their study.  Not only is it an important idea in music, but in literature.  It is also used in our everyday speech.  Theme is a very useful word to help every student think about music in a serious way.

This is all part of helping students DISCOVER music in a very meaningful way.  This is why I'm calling my series The Discovery Piano System.

The TAKING A CLOSER LOOK section of The Discovery Piano System is only one of several important ways to help students DISCOVER music.

Stay tuned for the other ways we are helping students discover music! ​

Happy Teaching,  Dan Severino

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