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What You’ve Been Missing at FREEBIE FRIDAY (Part 1)

About six months ago I began FREEBIE FRIDAY over at Piano Teacher Every Friday I offer a free excerpt from one of my Piano Teacher Press products. I was recently looking over the wide variety of products that I’ve given away and I thought it should be something more widely known to my loyal readers and your piano teaching friends.

Not only do I give away a FREE excerpt each week but I provide a short commentary on the selection explaining how it can benefit a student in your studio. To find out what we’re offering this week please click [here] on our FREEBIE FRIDAY LINK.

Here’s a smattering of what you have been missing by not being part of our FREEBIE FRIDAY GIVEAWAY!!

If you have difficulty getting the very young preschool student to read music KEYBOARD KIDS reading method may be your answer. Our reading method introduces one music symbol at a time in a leisurely paced manner where young students are never overwhelmed. Suzuki teachers have found KEYBOARD KIDS as a great supplement to introduce their young students into reading music notation. I have used it for a over quarter century and it has been a great success. One week I offered The Cool Ghoul as a FREEBIE FRIDAY GIVEAWAY.

Each symbol on this page was introduced individually before The Cool

Ghoul appears in their book. … the quarter note (walk note), the rest, the bar line, the staff line, the treble and bass clef, the time signature (only the top number is given at this stage of learning), the double bar; even the fingering and the stem direction of the notes were introduced as in individual concept.

Reading is introduced to students as STEPS and SKIPS and students are given assignment pages to cement this critical reading concept into the students thinking. This is introduced from the very beginning. Students are taught to understand notation where reading becomes a natural process.

To help students understand STEPS and SKIPS we have My Very First Theory Book. This book gives students exercises to help students think in steps and skips. One FREEBIE FRIDAY I offered a page that helps student think in steps; not through notation, but through the alphabet.

NOTICE: This page gives the student the musical alphabet where “A” follows “G”. After students gain mental facility in learning to think ahead one (musical) alphabet letter; students are given pages to help them think one step backwards. The same exercises are repeated for skips.

These little exercise is a very good one to help students in doing simple thought exercises in basic reasoning and is one of the ways where understanding music is very beneficial for mental development.

This book provides a very good supplemental book to the KEYBOARD KIDS

series of reading books.

Another week I also used The Cool Ghoul as my FREEBIE FRIDAY GIVEAWAY but this time as part of an exercise designed to build a students rhythmic skills. This exercise is found in our Discovery Piano System – THEORY Book 1. I will speak in more detail about The Discovery Piano System in a subsequent blog about our FREEBIE FRIDAY program. In THEORY Book 1 there is a section of nearly a dozen pieces that have student and teacher play in ensemble. One player is the pianist and the other provides a rhythmic background played on a common rhythm instrument.

In this example the rhythm player must play on those beats where the piano player rests, almost always on beat 2. On the first exercises of this rhythm section of THEORY Book 1 the rhythm part emphasizes the easier skill of playing on the downbeat (beat 1). This exercises begins to develop the skill of having the student learn to feel an offbeat. Even though the exercises are designed around simple concepts they are designed in a progressive manner where success is most easily achieved. Students discover musical concepts in an almost seamless stream of little steps.

As I hope you can see our FREEBIE FRIDAY Giveaways not only give you free music but they give you pedagogical information where you can use the free excerpts and maybe even give you some ideas you can use in your own studio teaching. To join our growing list of FREEBIE FRIDAY teachers go [HERE]– find the RED BUTTON that looks like the link below (which will be red and not purple) and in your correspondence write – SUBSCRIBE FREEBIE FRIDAY. Be on the lookout for future blogs that go over all that we’ve been giving away each FREEBIE FRIDAY!!

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