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ADVANCING Artistry will be devoted to arrangements at the INTERMEDIATE LEVEL of play; artistically done with the the goal of providing a truly artistic arrangement that is not at a yet professional level of play. 

These arrangements are written with the teen students in mind giving them music that will satisfy their maturing tastes. But, they are also written for adults desiring music that's well written, but not at a professional level.

It is my hope that these arrangements will provide you with great musical satisfaction.


Copyrighted Music


Sheet Music PLUS, one of the major sheet music outlets on the world wide web has offered a great opportunity for its arrangers, like myself, by procuring copyrights for many popular copyrighted songs to apply our arranging skills.


I plan on making arrangement of many selections from old standards, popular songs and Broadway musicals for Sheet Music PLUS and I will also be displaying them here on this page.

Since these selections are copyrighted they must be purchased directly from the Sheet Music PLUS website and if you click on the  BLUE BUTTON icon you will be automatically directed to the exact page on the Sheet Music PLUS web site for purchase.

I hope you take advantage of these wonderful selections and find places to use them in your teaching repertoire, at recitals and auditions.


The Phantom of the Opera

Feed the Birds
Do Re Mi
The Chipmunk Song

Fiddler on the Roof

Norwegian Wood
Baby Elephant Walk

If I Were A Rich Man

Do Re Mi from Sound of Music - Rogers and Hammerstein

I arranged Do Re Mi in a very straightforward manner.  Draw a bit of attention to the accented notes in the  bass clef to counterbalance the melody.  This arrangement can be effective at many different tempos as long as it is joyful in its expression.  Have fun!!


to purchase online

Feed the Birds - Richard and Robert Sherman

Here's an easy arrangement of Feed the Birds from Walt Disney's Mary Poppins. A wonderfully expressive piece of the simple beauty of childhood wonder. Great recital piece. Also a great piece for teaching an earlier intermediate student "a singing line".


to purchase online

The Phantom of the Opera - Andrew Lloyd Webber

I arranged the dramatic title theme of The Phantom of the Opera with the earlier intermediate piano student in mind  It would make for a terrific recital piece!!  Pedagogically, this piece features some fingering challenges in chromatic scale passages appropriate for intermediate students making it a useful composition from a teacher's perspective.


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to purchase online

Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious - Richard and Robert Sherman

I arranged this Mary Poppins classic for the late elementary/early intermediate piano student.  I would make for a terrific recital piece!!  Allow Mary Poppins work her magic with your piano students!


to purchase online

The Chipmunk Song (Christmas, Christmas Time is Near) by Ross Bagdasarian

The Chipmunk Song -- Christmas Christmas Time is Near is probably the most popular song associated with "Alvin and the Chipmunks". This student arrangement is in a waltz rhythm and gives the student a chance to make the piano "sing". The left hand chords never stretch beyond a 7th. It is also a great selection to give to a student in preparation of Christmas but could be learned any time throughout the year.