BASIC Artistry


BASIC Artistry will be devoted to arrangements at the ELEMENTARY LEVEL of play; yet artistically done within the technical and musical limitations of students in their first years of study. 

These arrangements are written with the young student in mind.

They are also written for adults of more limited attainments but will satisfy their more adult tastes..

It is my hope that these arrangements will provide both groups with great musical satisfaction.


Copyrighted Music


Sheet Music PLUS, one of the major sheet music outlets on the world wide web has offered a great opportunity for its arrangers, like myself, by procuring copyrights for many popular copyrighted songs to apply our arranging skills.


I plan on making arrangement of many selections from old standards, popular songs and Broadway musicals for Sheet Music PLUS and I will also be displaying them here on this page.

Since these selections are copyrighted they must be purchased directly from the Sheet Music PLUS website and if you click on the  BLUE BUTTON icon you will be automatically directed to the exact page on the Sheet Music PLUS web site for purchase.

I hope you take advantage of these wonderful selections and find places to use them in your teaching repertoire, at recitals and auditions.


The Bare Necessities

from Walt Disney's THE JUNGLE BOOK

The Bare Necessities from The Jungle Book is specially arranged for the late elementary/early intermediate piano student.  The arrangement keeps the joyful buoyant character given to it in the movie - The Jungle Book. Pedagogically, there is some simple syncopation to master.  Also, there are some simple "call and response" phrasing between the melody and the bass which I think makes for a more interesting arrangement.  Great for recitals and family gatherings


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from the musical FIDDLER ON THE ROOF

Matchmaker is one of the many popular titles coming from the musical Fiddler on the Roof. This arrangement is an easy piano arrangement playable by a late elementary /early intermediate student.  Pedagogical features include the need for a strong buoyant rhythmic pulse, attention to inner voices, melodies shared by each hand and attention to touch. This arrangement should be a good choice for any performance venue.


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The Entertainer

The Entertainer is one of Scott Joplin's most popular piano rags.  This simple arrangement in the mid to late elementary level.  It is 2 pages long and presents the "main theme" of the rag. 


The arrangement incorporates mainly two part writing throughout with parallel sixths and a single note bass line.  There are also a few simple intervals that "beefs up" the sound in a key moments in the arrangement.

This arrangement therefore has a lot of teaching value making students aware of what they to expect as they move into the intermediate levels of performance.  The Entertainer is a great piece for any beginning students repertoire!


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The Entertainer - Scott Joplin
Scott Joplin - The Entertainer (p.1).jpg
PAGE 1 - Yellow Submarine.jpg

Yellow Submarine

from the album REVOLVER

Yellow Submarine is a theme of the popular and very successful animated film by the same name.. This arrangement is an easy piano arrangement playable by a late elementary /early intermediate student.  This easy arrangement features the four measure melody played under a variety of easy chord patterns making it pedagogically very useful
This fun arrangement should be a great choice for any performance venue.



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Yellow Submarine - The Beatles
Yellow Submarine

Here is a second arrangement of Yellow Submarine.  This arrangement is in two part writing and in a contrapuntal duet style in the form of an "echo".

This arrangement therefore has a lot of teaching value 

Students learn, in a simple way, to play in two independent parts. If you have an advancing beginner that enjoys being challenged, yet at an late elementary level, this piece may be perfect.

As in all my popular arrangements they are great for family gatherings, parties, playing for friends and recitals.  Have fun!!


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Yellow Submarine EASY
Page 1 - Yellow Submarine EASY.jpg
page 1 - Blowin- in the Wind (EASY).jpg

Blowin' in the Wind by Bob Dylan

Here's a basic and easy arrangement of Bob Dylan's very popular Blowin' in the Wind. This protest song from the 1960's on the themes of peace, war and freedom.  

Pedagogically, this arrangement can be used to teach "open harmony" as a triad chord is often formed between the melody note and the left hand accompaniment notes.

I think this arrangement is useful for recitals, auditions, and any friendly gathering of friends; or just for personal enjoyment.


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Blowin' in the Wind (EASY)

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