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Imitation Series

Piano Teacher Press presents IMITATION SOLOS.  An “Imitation Solo” takes a Classic Piece (or an imitation of a Classic Piece) and arranges a Folk Song (or a common public domain song) imitating the similar compositional techniques. 


Both the Classic Piece and the Folk Piece demonstrate “imitation” of some sort.  Each Imitation Solo also contains a written assignment where the student gets a chance to write out and/or complete an assignment by imitating the featured compositional technique. 


The final part of the assignment has students playing their written assignment and composition. 


Finally, for all the students hard efforts there are certificates included to award the student for their hard work in completing all the assigned work.  IMITATION SOLOS are designed to expand musical understanding by giving focused attention to important concepts in piano study.




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1) Two Part Writing

2) The Alberti Bass
3) The Broken Octave

4) Two Part Writing

5) The Broken Octave TWO

Rondino - Jean Phillipe Rameau
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The Streets of Laredo - American Folk Song
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LESSON: Two Part Writing

Rameau:Rondino and The Streets of Laredo

Two-Part Writing is explored in this Lesson in Composition as students take Jean Phillipe Rameau's Rondino and The Streets of Laredo and discover and explore two-part writing, bass lines, and perpetual melodies in a creative and informative way.  An excellent folio for the early intermediate student!!

LESSON: The Alberti Bass

Czerny: Mr. Czerny Sings  and Foster: Nellie Bly

This Lesson in Composition explores The Alberti bass as students take Carl Czerny's - Mr. Czerny Sings and Stephen Foster's - Nellie Bly and discover the ever popular accompaniment practice of 18th century Classicism - The Alberti Bass.  As in all our Lessons in Composition there's theoretical learning to explore, written work to fulfill, performance goals to accomplish and optional memory work to achieveAll these pathways to learning make this Lesson in Composition a comprehensive learning experience for the intermediate piano student!

Mr. Czerny Sings by Carl Czerny - Dan Severino
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Nellie Bly by Stephen Foster - Dan Severino
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Muzette in D - J.S. Bach
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Joshua Fit the Battle of Jericho - Spiritual
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LESSON: The Broken Octave and Unison Writing

Bach: Muzette in D and Joshua Fit the Battle of Jericho

The utilization of the broken octave and unison writing is the subject of this Lesson in Composition.  Students see these ideas expressed in famous Bach Muzette in D and then imitated in the African-American Spiritual - Joshua Fit the Battle of Jericho.  Students then use broken octaves and unisons to make their own arrangement and their own performance of the popular children's song Are You Sleeping?  


All these varied musical contexts of the broken octave and unison writing give the students a comprehensive beginning understanding of these ideas in this Lesson in Composition

LESSON: Two Part Writing

Kirnberger: Lullaby in F and Little Boy Blue

Two Part Writing comes in many varieties. Kirnberger lived in the same approximate time as J.S. Bach's sons.  His music reflects the changing times as composers we reflecting a more melodic style with less emphasis on the strict contrapuntal emphasis of the Baroque.  But the influence is still there.  The Kirnberger Lullaby in F reflects this changing emphasis; yet it still is very influenced by the Baroque. This change in Two Part Writing is kept in our florid two part arrangement of Little Boy Blue. 


Students are also given instruction on writing out a two part arrangement of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star using ascending and descending Five Finger Patterns.  All of these assignments make for a great Lesson in Composition in Two Part Writing.

NOTE: For a more detailed understanding of our Lessons in Composition please watch the video at the top of this WebPage.


Lullaby - Johann Kirnberger
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Little Boy Blue - English Nursery Rhyme
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LESSON: The Broken Octave

L. Mozart: Burleske and Weevily Wheat

The Octave is ubiquitous in piano music.  One of the first ways piano students experience the octave is in the broken octave.  In this Lesson in Composition students explore the broken octave in several ways. 


First, through the popular classical teaching piece by Leopold Mozart - Burleske.  The students are given another application of the broken octave through the Folk Song - Weevily Wheat.

Students are then given instructions of creating an arrangement of Yankee Doodle utilizing the broken octave.  

Students are awarded a certificate for completing all written work and performing the three compositions each featuring the broken octave.

Lessons in Composition are designed to involve your students in a creative process that thoroughly involves the student from many points of view that virtually guarantee more comprehensive learningGet your copy TODAY!!

Burleske - Leopold Mozart
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Weevily Wheat - Folk Song
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