Arranged Classics

My piano training is in Classical Music and I love sharing that grand tradition with my students.  This page is devoted to arrangements I've made of the classics.

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The Moldeau from Ma Vlast by Bedrich Smetana

A beautiful melody from Ma Vlast (My Homeland), The Moldeau is a tone poem of the Moldeau River running through Czeck composer, Bedrich Smetana's homeland.  This late elementary/early intermediate arrangement gives students an opportunity to express long cantabile lines.

The Moldeau - Dan Severino
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Etude Op. 10 #9 by Frederick Chopin

This arrangement of Chopin's 9th Etude from his Opus 10 collection is arranged for the later intermediate/early advanced student.  The hands need to move freely and accurately through spaces larger than an octave so this piece will still have an etude-like character even though the musical materials have been simplified from Chopin's original.  This arrangement is a great way of using "the classics" to introduce students to the great classical literature in a manner appropriate to the advancing student wanting "mature sounding" repertoire.

Chopin - Etude #9 - Dan Severino
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Funeral March of the Marionette by Charles Gounod

As a child I learned my classical music through cartoons AND television; shows like The Long Ranger and Alfred Hitchcock Presents. So, I thank Alfred Hitchcock for introducing me to this "bonbon" from the classical literature - Funeral March of the Marionette.  This early advanced arrangement features octave, sixths, contrary motion and a certain ironic sense of humor in capturing a funeral march for a puppet.  Great piece for Halloween recitals, or any place where good humor is welcome.

Funeral March of the Marionette - Dan Severino
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Waltz Opus 39 #15 - aka Waltz in Ab
 by Johannes Brahms

This waltz is probably the most popular waltz in Brahms' collection of waltzes in Opus 39.  In this early to mid intermediate arrangement I stayed true to Brahms' original harmonies and put it is the easier key of G major.  I also added a little codetta to conclude the piece.  Here, Brahms shows us what a superb melodist he was.  I think this arrangement would be very useful for adult students wanting something mature sounding that's expressive and not technically demanding.  It's also a good piece to introduce teens to the music of this Romantic master

Waltz in Ab - Opus 39 #15 - Brahms/Severino
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Waltz Opus 39 #15 - aka Waltz in Ab
 by Johannes Brahms

This waltz is probably the most popular waltz in Brahms' collection of waltzes in Opus 39.  This arrangement is similar to the more advanced one om this page and is more suited in an early intermediate student.  This arrangement is true to Brahms harmonic plan from the original.  This piece is an excellent introductory piece to the music of Brahms

Waltz in Ab - Opus 39 #15 - Brahms/Severino
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