Old Time Favorites

"Oldies but Goodies" defines this section.  The wealth of great tunes from our past just can't be ignored.  These we the "classics" of my grandparents era and the songs they wanted me to play for them.


This waltz was very popular when I was a youngster. I was featured in many music books. Organists loved it as it was a very popular request piece. Play it as a dance that’s full of elegance and grace.

Fascination - Dan Severino
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Funiculi Funicula

A personal favorite.  I toss the melody between the hands.  Keeping the accompaniment at a softer dynamic level is the student's challenge.  But this enertetic of composition can be worked on for hours without tiring!

Funiculi Funicula - Dan Severino
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Toyland is one an excerpt from Victor Herbert's score of Babes in Toyland.  It is often part of many Christmas anthologies.  This arrangement utilizes many traditional jazz harmonies.  This arrangement is an excellent choice for older adults that would remember music of Victor Herbert's era.  Mid intermediate level.

Toyland - Dan Severino
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The Skater's Waltz

My earliest instruction was on the organ and dances, like the waltz, we very adaptable to the organ. I learned to play and to arrange many waltzes, including the Skater’s Waltz. It was a natural choice to arrange this waltz when I began writing for my piano students. Play the Skater’s Waltz with the feel of a grand waltz in the same style as the famous waltzes of Johann Strauss.

Skater's Waltz - Dan Severino
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