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January 2019

Yankee Doodle Variations f

excerpt from

Discovery Piano System

Book 4B 

Piano Teacher Press


Yankee Doodle Variations - American Folk Song
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VIDEO:  Discovery Piano System - Book 4B
(formerly Middle C Repertoire - Book 4)

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January's GIFT

Yankee Doodle Variations

Today's FREEBIE is an excerpts from

The Discovery Piano System - Book 4B

Piano Teacher Press


This month our FREEBIE is an excerpt from The Discovery Piano System - Book 4B.  It’s the Yankee Doodle Variations.  


I think it’s amazing that many of the students I teach here in the states are not familiar with this most popular of all American Folk tunes.  All the more reason to bring it to their attention!

Your free copy of Yankee Doodle Variations will come with you purchase of The Discovery Piano System - Book 4B specially priced at 20% off - that only $4.40 for our Copyright Edition and $13.20 for our License edition. 

                      ***PEDAGOGICALLY SPEAKING***

​This little set of a Theme and 4 Variations highlights some of the major points of instruction with which students have become familiar.

    Theme - staccato
    Variation 1 - simple eighth note groups
    Variation 2 - intervals
    Variation 3 - as a gig
    Variation 4 - chromatic left hand

I find that students enjoy theme and variation compositions. They always seem intrigued with the way a melody can be creatively altered and varied. 

I hope one of your student will benefit from studying Yankee Doodle Variations.

For a better sampling of the repertoire of The Discovery Piano System - Book 4B ​ go here: 


TO PURCHASE  The Discovery Piano System - Book 4B  go here: 




Happy Teaching, 
Dan Severino

I hope Yankee Doodle Variations will help you with one of your young students!


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