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"Do teach superior collection of folk songs.  Select those which appeal to the child's imagination and which have skillful harmonic arrangements.  They should contain interesting melodic and rhythmic content".   Ruth Edwards - former head of the piano prep department of Cleveland Institute of Music.

..... from Italy - Funiculi Funicula

A personal favorite.  I toss the melody between the hands.  Keeping the accompaniment at a softer dynamic level is the student's challenge.  But this enertetic of composition can be worked on for hours without tiring! 


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..... from Canada - Donkey Riding

Very soon after my college graduation I began collecting folk songs. One song that got my attention was the popular Canadian folk song Donkey Riding.  My arrangement is an etude and at the mid intermediate level.  The technical challenge is to play 5th and 7ths accurately!  Another challenge is having differing arrangements of quick eighth notes that must be played at the same tempo.  The challenges of etudes are fun, especially when they are based on a catchy tune like Donkey Riding.


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