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"Do teach superior collection of folk songs.  Select those which appeal to the child's imagination and which have skillful harmonic arrangements.  They should contain interesting melodic and rhythmic content".   Ruth Edwards - former head of the piano prep department of Cleveland Institute of Music.

..... from Spain - Festivo di Majorca

While in college I heard the great flamenco guitarist Carlos Montoya. His performance was bold, dynamic, flamboyant and very rhythmic. Use those four words to guide you in your interpretation.


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..... from Flanders - Memories of Maastricht

I found this beautiful Flemish Folk Song in my old college sight singing books. I think the beauty of this folk song deserves more exposure to this captivating melody.


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..... from Poland - Grain Harvest Dance

Grain Harvest Dance is based upon a Polish Folk Song. The arrangement is in standard two part writing. Two part writing was often reflected in the writing of such masters as Bach, Mozart and Schumann. Make the music “dance” !


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..... from Scotland - The Skye Boat Song

This popular Scottish folk song is often played as a waltz.  I decided to change the rhythm to 6/8 time and give the tune more of the gentle rocking of a barcarolle. 

..... from Russia - Those Were the Days

This catchy Russian gypsy song was made popular in United States in the 1960’s by Mary Hopkin.  The song is gypsy like with two boldly contrasting parts, one sad and lyrical and the other energetic and rhythmic. 


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