Arranged Christmas

Christmas music is so richly imbued with melody.  My desire is to fill this section with the musical treasures found from all nations.



..... from Canada - The Huron Indian Carol

Some say this is Canada's oldest hymn. The beautiful melody may be of French origin. The lyrics are those given to the ancient natives of Canada in words they may understand of the nativity of Jesus.

..... from France - Noel Nouvelet

This French carol is treated like a little toccatina.

Remember toccata comes from the Italian word toccare meaning to touch. Focus on the variety of touches required of you in the arrangement.

..... from Ukraine - Ukrainian Bell Carol

This very popular carol is on many people’s list of favorite Christmas carols. It has proven to be a hit with students, parents and audiences.

.....from the United States - We Three Kings
This famous carol was composed by clergyman John Hopkins who hailed from my home town, Pittsburgh Pennsylvania in the year 1857.  Play the beat one chord slightly louder than the beat two chord to create the gentle rhythmic feel for this arrangement.

..... from Spain - Carol of the Birds
I never knew of this beautiful traditional Catalan carol until someone gave me a book of carols that featuring Christmas carols from all over the world.  I thought the melody should not be denied to my piano students so I made this arrangement.  I hope you like it!

.....from Ancient Times

A Child is Born in Bethlehem

Of the Father's Love Begotten
These two Christmas Carols are derived from ancient chants.  I arranged these beautiful melodies without a regular meter (time signature).  Play them freely and expressively.  Here is how Merry Christmas was said centuries ago!!  Intermediate Level.

A Child is Born In Bethlehem - Puer natus in Bethlehem
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Of the Father's Love Begotten - Divinum mysterium - Corde natus
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