Neglected Student Repertoire!! 

Only $1.00



There are many great public domain classical pieces that don't seem to make it into standard anthologies.  Also, there are some popular classics that may work well for you solo sheet pieces.  I thought I'd offer some of these pieces as single sheet pieces for only $1.00 (copyright edition) and only $2.50 (license edition).  I hope you find some of these selctions as a benefit to the repertoire you choose for your students.

Hornpipe - Henry Purcell
Hornpipe demonstrates, at an intermediate level, the lyric genius of Henry Purcell.  It is a great piece that I'd like to make more common to teachers and intermediate students.

The Poor Ol' Farmhand - Bela Bartok
Bela Bartok wrote a wonderful collection of pieces based on folk songs called For Children.  They are often found in anthologies but The Poor Ol' Farmhand isn't often chosen but it's very catchy and is a great little technical study for students at the intermediate level.

A Winter Morning - Peter Tchaikovsky
A Winter Morning is a often neglected excerpt from Tchaikovsky's Opus 39 Album for the Young. This piece contains much very useful teaching materials;  especially changing registers and two note slurs in double notes in each hand found in the opening theme.  It also a great piece demonstrating the romantic use of chromatic tones.  A great piece for students that, I think, should be more often utilized.

Old French Song - Peter Tchaikovsky
Old French Song  is a popular excerpt from Tchaikovsky's Opus 39 Album for the Young.  This piece has a beautiful cantabile melody and the middle section features an arpeggiated staccato accompaniment against a second cantabile line providing an attention getting contrast to the legato first theme.  A wonderful piece that's often neglected in many anthologies. So, for teachers that may not find this wonderful teaching piece I wanted to add it to my Neglected Repertoire page.

The Handsome Rooster - Bela Bartok
The Handsome Rooster  is another of the selections from Bela Bartok's For Children.  I think this piece is beautifully arranged as the main theme is given three different treatments, one in part writing, one containing imitation, and one homophonic.  There are also beautiful chordal writing after each statement of the main theme.  A great piece for students that, I think, should be more often utilized.