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Are you on the lookout for new and interesting teaching materials?  Piano Teacher Press is here to provide teaching resources for those piano teachers who would like something a little off the beaten path.


I've been writing materials for my students since I began teaching professionally in the 1970's.  There have been times I've written original piano solos for my piano recitals.  Sometimes I've written special arrangements for my students having a musical friend that didn't play the piano.  Christmas and Folk Songs have always been a source of interesting materials for me to make arrangements for my students.


There have also been times when I had my students participate in student incentive programs to help them focus their study toward specific goals.  Having a special interest in very young pre school beginners and other young beginners I've written methods and other materials geared for the specific needs of these special students.


I hope you find the materials here useful to the needs of your students.

Do you find the piano music you buy too often written in a very generic way that is not very interesting?


Piano Teacher Press offers music that is stylish and arrangements that are very individualistic, having genuine personal appeal.

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  Dan Severino  
Piano Teacher Press - Founder’s Notes 


After graduating from college in the late 1970's I began my career as an independent piano teacher.  One of the first places I set up shop was in a Lutheran Church.  The pastor apppreciated my contribution to the small community in Chicora, PA and his two daughters were among my first students.  They had an old mimeograph machine and they allowed me to use it to make worksheets and various theory assignments.  I also had a knack for composing and arranging music and this work I did by hand using old fashioned music manuscript.  In the 80's computers came of age and I transferred my handwritten work and mimeographs to the computer.   In the early 90's I began Piano Teacher Press to publish all the materials I was producing for my personal use with my students.  Later that decade I joined up in some internet piano teachers forums and when I informed the teachers that I wrote music and music methods teachers became interested in seeing my materials.  Today I'm offering much of that work to the public hoping you will find my materials useful to you and your students.   Bon appetit!!